Our Mission

Turning innovations into operational solutions at high speed.

Always several steps ahead of the state of the art – we achieve this by combining industrial know-how with the transfer of research results. In order to offer our customers complete solutions from a one-stop service, we typically start with a joint pre-engineering workshop, which is followed by the immediate implementation of pilot projects. Our activities include economic considerations, detailed technical concepts and the implementation as well as the operation of the solutions.

Our Portfolio

Our focus is on customized complete solutions from a single source. The focus of our customer projects today is in the areas of:


➤ Digitization of your products:
  • Are you looking for ways to enhance your products with additional digital functions in order to stand out from the competition through innovation?
  • You already have ideas for additional digital functions and are looking for a partner to implement them?
  • Are you looking for new business models to open up new sources of revenue by digitizing your products?

Answers to the aforementioned questions are our daily bread. Customer-specific challenges require customized solutions! We understand exactly this process as our core competence. We accompany you as a competent partner from concept development to implementation and operation of your new solution.


➤ IoT solutions for facility management, production and logistics:
  • Are you looking for ways to acquire measurement data cost-effectively and flexibly using smart sensors?
  • Are you searching for the best components for your application in the confusing jungle of IoT hardware, software and devices?
  • Are you struggling to evaluate and exploit the potential of IoT in your company?
  • Are you looking for a partner to completely design, implement and operate an IoT solution for your needs?

When IoT was only used as a buzzword by many, we were the first provider in Germany to implement IoT solutions on a larger scale and operate them as a full-managed service for large companies back in 2018. In the meantime, the number of providers in the IoT segment has grown significantly, and we are happy to take advantage of our head start in this field.


➤ Machine data acquisition solutions for production (MDE):
  • MDE solutions are a dime a dozen. Are you looking for the grain of sand that balances complexity and functionality for your staff and production environment?
  • Are you looking for a provider whose focus is not on selling MDE software licenses, but on the operational implementation of a complete solution adapted to your use case?
  • Are you looking for a partner who will help you derive value from the data you collect?


➤ Consulting:
  • Are you looking for experts who always have the rapid implementation of innovations for your company in mind?
  • Your focus is not only on the creation of strategy papers, studies and roadmaps, but your goal is the timely implementation of consulting results in your company?

We combine research proximity with many years of experience from the implementation of industrial solutions and always keep “both feet on the ground”. We are also happy to support you in the subsequent implementation of the consulting results.

Some of our Clients

Our employees operate and design Managed Services and IoT solutions for companies such as

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