Our Mission

2kai offers you one-stop Industrial IoT solutions to solve a variety of problems in your production environment. Our Managed Service portfolio offers you everything you need for your application, from Industrial Analytics to various IoT radio technologies and Smart Sensors. We will be happy to configure an offer for you from this portfolio.

Our Portfolio

We design, install and operate your IoT solution as a managed service.
Our portfolio offers you calculable benefits at a fixed price:

  • Basic IIoT infrastructure with IoT radio technologies such as LoRaWAN, Sigfox, Narrowband-IoT, LTE, Bluetooth 5
  • Deployment and operation of IIoT cloud infrastructure such as Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Archiving and evaluation
  • Training and optimization of the AI for your application
  • Migration of inventory data
  • Forwarding of data via M2M protocols such as MQTT and OPC UA
  • Demand-oriented visualization (Dashboard as-a-Service)
  • Connection to ERP, MES and SCADA systems like SAP
  • Service Level Agreements (SLA) with guaranteed response times for problem solving for your IIoT solution
  • (Pre-) Engineering workshop – your start towards IIoT

Use Cases

We offer off-the-shelf solutions for numerous use cases like:

Anomaly Detection for Existing Equipment

Wear processes on machines and tools as well as unplanned changes in process parameters quickly lead to increased costs due to unplanned downtimes and the production of scrap parts. Our algorithms are optimized to detect such anomalies in measurement data at an early stage using Machine Learning (AI).

Predictive Maintenance Feasibility Study

The advertising effectiveness of predictive maintenance promises results in many software solutions today suggesting a high probability of success for predictive maintenance projects. However, practical experience shows that a number of conditions must be met in order for a predictive maintenance project to be successful. These prerequisites include, for example, a suitable data basis and the availability of suitable indicator variables that can be used to detect progressive wear. In this context, we support you with a profound feasibility analysis to select suitable use cases for predictive maintenance projects.

Retrofitting of Existing Equipment

Our Managed Service solutions are designed to integrate the existing sensor technology of your existing equipment and to upgrade it with new IoT sensor technology as required. Existing equipment labels (AKZ) can be conveniently used for a clear assignment of IoT sensor technology to the equipment.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

Our IoT Managed Service modules for OEE offer cross-vendor monitoring for production machinery.

Floor Monitoring

Your industrial or business facilities require specific environmental conditions? We monitor these parameters such as temperature, humidity, CO2, etc. for you and, if necessary, control existing heating, drying or ventilation systems. In combination with Building Information Modeling (BIM), a sensor-supported Facility Information Management can be implemented.

Pre-Engineering on Site

In an on-site workshop, we work with you to examine current use cases, solution approaches and potential benefits of using IoT and AI in your company.

Some of our Clients

Our employees operate and design Managed Services and IoT solutions for companies such as

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